About us

Welcome to OnlineSale Computers Limited!


OnlineSale Computers is an online computer store for PC systems and parts, based in Auckland, New Zealand. We carry a vast inventory of components: Blank discs, CD/DVD Storage , Flash Media, Cables and more. We stock our web site with the latest products and plenty of information to help you decide for yourself. We treat every customer with respect and consider every transaction of critical importance. We are proud of each and every member of our staff because they make the difference.

Onlinesale Computers start business from TradeMe first on 2003, and have very good feedback on Trademe. This is my trademe listings link : OnlineSale Computers' Listings(45000 Address Verified Feb 2008

The address is 111 Shackleton Road, Mt Eden, Auckland. Phone 09 620 8738, Email : admin@onlinesale.co.nz